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MAP – The game changer microneedle technology

Microneedle Patch technology is a delivery system, that shall enable active substances to overcome the skin barrier. It helps to enhance the delivery of a drug through the transdermal/intradermal route overcoming various problems associated with conventional formulations. Our Micro Array Patch (MAP) platform is based on dissolvable needles containing the API, which enables optimal load without relying on liquid reservoirs and offers many advantages for a custom-made design.

Key benefits for pharmaceutical partners

Configured specifically for the API and release option, each MAP can feature up to 1,000 needles per cm², with needle lengths ranging from 200 up to 1000μm. Microneedle technology is considered as an advantageous delivery route for existing vaccines, including e.g. influenza, tetanus toxoid, measles-rubella, Hepatitis B, as well as for biologics and small molecules.
  • New innovative dosage form for pain free and safety application.

  • Suitable for a wide variety of molecules (biologics, vaccines, small molecules).

  • Fast onset and sustained release options available.

  • Possibility to simplify and reduce healthcare costs of injectable therapies and therefore create a superior market position.

  • Custom design options in needle design, length, width and composition.

  • Potential elimination of cold chain and concomitant challenges and costs.

  • Opportunities for life cycle management, product extension and repurposing.

  • Avoidance of needlestick injuries.

Key benefits for patients

  • Comfortable therapy through potential avoidance of cold chain and doctor’s visit.

  • Self-administration creates the potential for lower healthcare costs.

  • Increased compliance due to convenient and pain free application.

  • Ideal for patients with needlestick phobias or difficulty swallowing.

  • Easier for children, older people and patients requiring complex care.

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