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OTF technologies – the ideal dose for fast delivery

Oral thin films (OTF) are placed on or under the tongue or buccally. They are immediately absorbed by the oral mucosa and the active substance is directly transported into the bloodstream. Our technologies enable fast release of the active substance, measure between 2 and 10 cm² and are extremely thin (20 to 500 µm). Forms can be a single-layer or multi-layer system, with the active substance able to be dissolved in the matrix, emulsified or dispersed. It can also be bound as a complex in order to mask taste, for example. Our partners are currently utilizing our OTF technology for therapies including opioid use disorder, pain management and vomiting/nausea.

Key benefits for pharmaceutical partners

  • Easy dosage with fast onset of action.

  • Possible avoidance of first-pass effect for improved bioavailability and saving costs for active substance.

  • Convenient alternative route for injectable active substances.

  • Drug release can be customized via different types of OTF LTS technologies.

  • Innovative and appealing form with design options for individual positioning.

  • Potential focus on patients with swallowing issues (e.g. Multiple sclerosis, ALS).

  • Life cycle management of established products.

Key benefits for patients

  • Improved compliance due to discreet and convenient application.

  • Fast relief from symptoms.

  • Can be taken without extra water.

  • Ideal for when patients are on the go.

  • Easier for children, older people and patients requiring complex care.

  • Ideal for patients who have difficulty swallowing.

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