LTS Our CompetenciesLTS Our Competencies


LTS Our CompetenciesLTS Our Competencies


Your manufacturing requirements are in safe hands.

WE DELIVER’ is a critical component of our purpose. That’s why we continue to invest in flexible, state of the art production equipment that supports our partners needs in terms of high precision, high quality, bespoke products.

Your 5 steps to success with LTS

As a holistic partner LTS covers all relevant technical steps – tailored to your requirements.

From bench to market, we can deliver you innovative oral and transdermal drug delivery solutions that speed your development time.

  1. Theoretical evaluation and benchmarking.
  2. Practical feasibility studies, including prototyping.
  3. Pharmaceutical product development.
  4. Customized design of production lines, or development of existing equipment.
  5. Large scale production.

We offer you a novel combination of expertise and experience in oral and transdermal drug delivery solutions, delivering commercial value at every stage of development.

  1. Project definition with R&D and commercial experts to establish the blueprint for success.
  2. API evaluation with your own LTS development team.
  3. Feasibility by a leader in TTS and OTF.
  4. Product development across a wide spectrum of API’s.
  5. Commercialization with the team that has delivered the most TTS products to market.

Our R&D and clinical development teams have worked with all the known active substances that can be successfully migrated to a transdermal application. This experience enables us to give you definitive insight into the suitablity of your active ingredient for alternative dosage forms.

  1. Feasibility.
  2. Formulation development.
  3. Stability.
  4. Clinical trial supply.
  5. Scale-up and process qualification.

Our versatile, state of the art, production equipment delivers optimum quality systems from two sites around the world. Our 60,000m² production facilities produces almost a billion systems every year, with the capability to deliver two billion.

  1. Mass preparation.
  2. Coating and drying.
  3. Slitting.
  4. Conversion and primary packaging.
  5. Secondary packaging and serialisation.

Our dissolvable microneedle technology delivers real value benefits across the healthcare ecosystem, touching every element of the manufacturing process for this game changing technology.

  1. Mixing.
  2. Dispensing.
  3. Drying.
  4. Laminating.
  5. Packaging.

It is safe to say your OTF and TTS products are in safe hands.

LTS Research and Development


Nearly 10% of our family is dedicated to R&D – either in product or technical development.

Process Development

Thanks to the experience and expertise of our dedicated engineers we are able to configure and customize assembly equipment to the individual needs of each project.

LTS Process Development
LTS Manufacturing


Our 60,000m² manufacturing footprint produces almost a billion systems every year and features in excess of 40 production lines, 100 mixing vessels, more than ten coating lines, and multiple punching/pouching and packaging/serialization lines.

Our quality systems are accredited by the FDA, EMA, PMDA, CFDA and ANVISA.