Corporate Social Responsibility from LTS. Just doing the right thing

Our CSR roadmap is entirely aligned with our We Care, We Create, We Deliver promise. It is borne out of an individual and collective determination to do the right thing by all our stakeholders – the ever-growing LTS family, our neighbours and community, our customers, our suppliers and the millions of patients who rely on our products every day.

It starts with: We Care

In our minds, our standards relating to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) are part of a wider set of commitments to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). And as much as it is about setting and achieving meaningful targets, it is also about attitude – an attitude that ensures longevity and continuous improvement in the efforts we make.

Compliance is expected. For us this is about doing more than expected, it’s about acting with a conscience.

Our conscience is delivering great outcomes for all our stakeholders. It has created an environment where our work family is recognised, rewarded, happy and safe. One where every one of us is thinking of ways to improve the lives of those around us – including our customers and their patients.

Our conscience also aims to deliver real impact and a legacy for the communities we serve. It ensures we accept responsibility for controlling, delivering and measuring our sustainability commitments.

We Create

We have defined what we are doing to do and how we are going to measure it in seven key areas:

  • Structured partnerships with charities
    We will set up structural partnerships in the community of each major site to ensure planning clarity for partners, engagement in longer term efforts, active involvement of LTS staff as volunteers and continuous communication activities.

  • Gender balance in leadership roles
    We provide an environment where diverse talent can flourish based on merit, unburdened by conscious or unconscious bias, and where there is no room for discrimination; striving towards at least 30% representation of women across all levels in the organization, in particular, at the top.

  • Gender parity in pay
    Equal pay for equal jobs and equal performance is a prerequisite for us. To ensure we deliver on our own commitments, every LTS site will perform a ‘parity-in-pay’ analysis at least once every three years.

  • Health initiatives on sites
    Every LTS site shall have an occupational health plan in place, identifying current pain-points and defining targeted actions. These health plans shall be refreshed at least every two years.

  • Total carbon emissions
    We aim to reduce our carbon footprint (scope 1 and 2) by 50% in 2030 (basis year 2015).

  • Waste
    We minimise waste wherever we can, with a target that > 95% of all waste is recovered (including incineration with energy recovery) and assuring that any remaining waste is disposed of responsibly, respecting or exceeding regulations.

We Deliver