We are flying the Ukrainian flag in front of our offices.

United Nations of LTS


March 3, 2022


At LTS, our 1300 employees rally together every day to fulfill the LTS Purpose: We CARE. We CREATE. We DELIVER. Although we have sites in only 3 countries, we have dozen of nationalities represented, and collectively, we trace our roots back to many more. Including many parts of the former Soviet Union. Across these diverse cultures and backgrounds, we share a commitment to serve our customers and their patients, in an environment that respects common values, policies and regulations.

At the heart of these common values are fairness, celebrating diversity, and compliance with rules and regulations, the lifeblood of the pharma industry. To express these values, we are flying the Ukrainian flag in front of our offices. We stand for fairness, diversity and playing by the rules. That’s why we #StandwithUkraine. And that’s why we will continue to judge everyone by their own actions, not by the decisions of those in power in their country of origin. We focus on what unites us, not on what divides us.